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  • Wednesday Night Meditation Classes

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  • I don't like Patreon but I still want access to the classes each week!

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    This is a great way to save some money by getting access to the Raw footage from the last 16 classes that the patreon.com/discoveringintuition students access live for $1 or watch at their own pace later through the patreon app on their phone.

    To have access to all the edited material and ex...

  • I am Reiki Techniques

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    Video clips from I am Reiki and Quantum reiki classes taught by Marisa Moris. You must be attuned to at least one level of reiki to access the energies she is speaking of but must know the symbols from reiki 2 in order to do the techniques. Marisa teaches a recertification and reatttunement works...